PVC (Chlorine) Free “Super-Tuff” MRI Safe Cadaver Pouch

MRI Safe Cadaver Pouch (Body Bag)
MRI-body-bag-gelockMRI Safe Bodybag Label


  • This pouch contains no metallic components so it can be  used in Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) machines for post mortem imaging studies without removing cadaver from the pouch.
  • Impervious, abrasion resistant and highly tear resistant 12 mil poly coated scrim supported polyethylene outer shell
  • Material complies with EPA burn restrictions involving the release of chlorine gas during cremation, thereby eliminating  the disposal problems associated with vinyl materials.
  • This material also remains flexible down to –70 degrees F (-57 degrees C.) so that it can be used in outdoor winter environments or morgue coolers without fear of “cracking”.
  • Bottom of pouch and back side of access panel are lined with Gelok™ absorbent pads to absorb any excess body or embalming fluids.

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Large Adult 36 x 94” (92 x 239 cm), X-Large Adult 48 x 108” (122 x 274 cm)

Static Lift Tested

350 Lbs


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