Tychem SL ® Disaster Response Kit

Tychem SL Disaster Response Kit


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  • (1) Tychem SL Suit (Sealed Seam) with attached hood and boots – XL
  • (1) N95 Respirator w/exhale valve and organic vapor protection
  • (1) Red Hazmat Disposal Bag
  • (2) Pair 11″ Long Cuff 6 mil (150 micron) Nitrile Gloves
  • (1) Pair 12″ Long Cuff 15 mil (380 micron) Nitrile Gloves
  • (1) Pair anti-splash vented goggles
  • (1) Pair Latex Boot covers
  • (1) Roll Silver Duct Tape


The components of this kit are intended for use in mostly dry atmospheres against dry particulate agents.  In wet and or high risk areas, a more substantial respirator will be required in accordance with OSHA regulations and NIOSH guidelines.

Contact manufacturer for suit permeation data and OSHA for guidelines concerning use of the components in this kit in chemical or biological high-risk atmospheres before use.


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