“Super-Tuff” Bag In a Bag Pouch – 12 Mil PVC Free

Heavy Duty Body Bag in a Bag
Body -Bag-In-a-Bag-Back-View-BBENV-SDX-90CF


  • Impervious, abrasion resistant and highly tear resistant 12 Mil poly coated scrim supported polyethylene outer shell silver material
  • The inner liner of this pouch is actually one of our BBENV-70CF pouches. This allows us to sew the “litter style” webbing to the bottom of the pouch and still prevent fluids escaping from the pouch. These features make this pouch unique in the industry.
  • Material complies with EPA burn restrictions involving the release of chlorine gas during cremation, thereby eliminating the disposal problems associated with vinyl materials.
  • This material also remains flexible down to –70 degrees F. (-57 degrees C.) so that it can be used in outdoor winter environments or morgue coolers without fear of “cracking”.
  • Adult size bag available with dual No. 8 (HD) padlock style zipper pulls to facilitate opening and closing bag.
  • 450 Lb Static Lift Tested

Product Description

Adult Size

  • 36 x 94″
  • Envelope #8 Zipper

Adult XL Size

  • 48 x 100″
  • Envelope #9 Zipper

Child Size

  • 36 x 60″
  • Envelope #8 Zipper

Additional Information


Adult, Adult XL, Child




Adult: 10/case, Adult XL: 4/case, Child: 10/case


Adult: 36 lbs, Adult XL: 49 lbs, Child: 37 lbs


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