Medium Duty “Chlorine Free” Body Bags

Medium Duty Chlorine Free Body Bags
medium duty chlorine free body bags BBENV-70CFmedium-duty-chlorine-free-body-bags-bbenv_60cfmedium-duty-chlorine-free-body-bags-bbenv_50cf


  • Electronic heat-sealed construction to comply with OSHA Reg. 3130.
  • Standard FEMA Blue Color for visibility as well as to facilitate forensic and documentation photography.
  • Impervious abrasion resistant and highly tear resistant co-extruded scrim supported polyethylene material highly resistant to zipper tear-out without use of reinforcement tape.
  • Available with Dual No. 8 or No. 5 Padlock Style zipper pulls to facilitate opening and closing pouch and allowing use of tamper resistant tags to secure the closure.
  • Easy access envelope and straight style zipper openings.
  • 100% Chlorine Free – Environmentally EPA compliant – no PVC (poly-vinyl chloride) material used in manufacturing.
  • Maintain identification and “Chain of Custody” integrity using our serialized tamper resistant zipper pull seals, Body Bag ID Kit, or our new Disaster ID Kit.
  • Available Sizes: Infant, Child, Adult and XL “Big Girtha” Sizes

Product Description

Impervious, abrasion resistant and highly tear resistant co-extruded scrim supported polyethylene material. Highly resistant to zipper tear out without use of reinforcement tape.

Our CF material is less dependent on the price of OIL!

Material Comparison Chart

Traditional 8 Mil Vinyl

  • Weight per case of 20 pouches – 65 lbs
  • Good puncture and tear resistance
  • Begins to become brittle at 32 deg F
  • Not able to support attached handles
  • Useful shelf life – 4-5 years
  • Gives off chlorine gas when incinerated

Our new 10 mil CF Material

  • Weight per case of 20 pouches – 39 lbs = lower shipping costs
  • Superior Puncture and tear resistance resulting from the scrim material laminated to two layers of poly film
  • Remains flexible to -70 deg F
  • Strong enough to attach webbing handles for ease of handling
  • Useful shelf life – 8-10 years
  • No chlorine gas released when incinerated

Additional Information


Blue, Black, White


Pre-Natal, Infant, Child, Adult, Adult XL, Big Girtha

Zipper Type

Straight, Envelope


Infant: 10/case, Child: 10/case, Adult: 20/case, Adult XL (Big Girtha): 10/case


Infant: 7 lbs/case, Child: 14 lbs/case, Adult: 39 lbs/case, Adult XL (Big Girtha): 32 lbs/case,


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